A gun for a dinosaur

If anyone has read this fine short story, I am interested in making a mod quite similar to that. 1-5 people Starting at a resort style area that is fenced in, go on a dinosaur “hunt.” Dinosaurs need a bit of rework to make them more realistic in nature. Carnivores attack herbivores and such due to hunger, etc. Try to give the game a true ecosystem feel to it. All the while making it dangerous in general to go on your hunt. (Probably cut back on the amount of variety and remove some of their special skills. Essentially removing the Poke’mon elements from the game.) Guns also would need a bit of rework to them, along with creature hit boxes. Making it so they only take large volumes of damage from heart and lung areas. If anyone is interested, feel free to message me in here. Thank you for your time.

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Something like Teddy Roosevelt Riding a T-Rex holding a minigun? AAF. mockup_2d47752e4eb4409faa0a4233f618b929_large.png