A great twist on the current meta of gaming (Looking for your ideas!)

My Project

I’m a talented one-man team with some profitable ideas & solutions, looking to further expand upon said ideas.
Have you ever played a digital trading card game (like Hearthstone, MTG, Shadowverse, TES: Legends, etc) and encountered the thought “this card is too underpowered” or “this card is too overpowered”?
Or perhaps the game’s imbalance is the only real reason you feel driven away from continuing gameplay after a certain point? Or maybe the lack of continuous content being pumped into the game is your deal-breaker?
Have you ever wished you could do something about it?

You can! My project, like the above aforementioned ones, is also a digital trading card game.
The only difference is that, in my project, the players are the ones who create the actual cards… and they vote on which ones stay in standard gameplay, which ones get banned to another game mode (or from the game entirely), and what types of changes should be made to certain cards in order to keep the game balanced. This voting system should be rewarding to the player, granting the in-game currency which is required in order to craft more cards.

I believe this to be an amazing premise to a TCG-style game, but my only real issue is tackling this sort of project entirely on my own.
I’ve been a developer for over two decades, and I’m even pretty good with sound production/engineering, but I’m a terrible 2D/3D artist.
I also think it would be wise to have some game/UI designers on board to help give the project it’s initial look, feel & direction.

So here I am, looking for others who may be interested in jumping in on this.
Eventually, I’d like to turn this into a royalty-based (or perhaps even contract-based) project…
But first, I’d like to assemble a small team of like-minded individuals who enjoy the premise of this project, and whom possibly have a few ideas of their own to pitch in.

My Skills

  • Long-time, multi-lingual programmer/scripter with experience in Unity, Unreal Engine 4, and large projects like Starry Expanse
  • Material/shader programmer
  • Musician, Composer, Audio Producer/Engineer
  • Prior leadership experience (Management, Project Lead, Lead Developer, Senior Developer)
  • Game/Level Designer
  • Very basic knowledge of 3D modeling & 2D texturing tools (Shh… I take pride in my stick figures!)