A good tutorial suggestion?

I’m completly new to unreal but I’ve watched their basic tutorials. Now I wanna start building a game but I’m looking for a decent tutorial for it. I want a tutorial such as building a shooter/survival/simulation etc. game that is decently updated. What I’ve found till now looks good but it’s really outdated and gives me a hard time with implementation.

You may want to check out this site: Unreal Engine 4 by Tom Looman | ZEEF

I’ve seen some of those, but I’m more interested in coding and the ones about coding that I’ve seen there are kinda outdated…/

yeah i think am finding the same thing. Its just so hard to learn from the start when your starting of. Need to get multi player working so we can get the feeling of the map make sure it feels right. i don’t mind if its c++ or blueprints

I’m interested in the C++ side of programming since I have a solid background in that, but it’s annoying at the start since I can’t find any updated tutorials…

I know you said C++ but here is a really good series