A good tutorial on camera transitions?

Hello there friends. I´m looking for a tutorial on how to make a smooth transition between a firstperson and thirdperson camera. I also have one criteria conserning this. The transition must be possible even if the player character is moving.

I know there´s a few tuts on Youtube. But none of them is any good unfortunately.

Hi man,
What about just place the 2 camera in your blueprint and switch using “set view camera with blend” ?
Whats the behaviour you want/ need ?

There´s no function called “set view camera with blend” Atleast not in my version of the engine(4.25) However there´s one called “set view target with blend” But this function only works on camera actors, and not on camera components. The only behavior I need at the moment, is simply a soft transition between two cameras in my character blueprint. And preferably that it works even when the player is moving/sprinting/crouching …etc

The function is called SetViewTargetWithBlend indeed. As you say, it’s for actors.
You can select which camera is used within an actor by enabling/disabling the components, but that does a “hard cut,” and you want a blend.
You to configure two camera components in your character, one for FPV and one for TPV. Then, move between them by overriding the player camera manager.…ger/index.html
You’ll also likely want to enable/disable the third person character mesh based on where the view target is, to save on animation cost.
HOWEVER: It’s very common to use a different set of arms with the first person camera than you have with the third person camera. Making those blend correctly during the switch will likely take a fair bit of animation finessing. Or just move the FPV arms down and hide them before cutting the camera, when switching out.

Hej Jwatte, thanks for the reply. I´m afraid though that at this moment I´m still a noob. I only know the basicts of blueprints, and animation. So editing the player camera manager is to advanced for me. But you have still helped me alot. Because now I know there is a way to do this, and I will come back to it later when I have learned more about Ue4.

I also find it strange that there´s a function for camera actors, but no corresponding one for camera components.:confused:

Create an actor class, add camera component (TPP_Camera). Begin Play of the character spawn the actor and attach it to a spring arm or socket of the character. Then use “set view target with blend” to transition.

Check this playlist.


Create a Blueprint Class (ACTOR). Add a Camera … rename the camera component … 3PP camera or similar.


In the character class use Begin Play to spawn and attach the actor to your character. Create references etc. Then setup the toggle logic.

Toggle Cams.jpg



I have followed your instructions and it works perfectly!

Thank you so much!!!