A Good Source for Learning Python with Unreal

Does anyone know a great source or community for learning Python with Unreal? I have a lot of questions and unfortunately this forum appears to be quiet dead on the topic.

If anyone has an alternative suggestion that would be great!

I have not found much myself. Wish there were more examples for study. I’ve poked around the shotgun/unreal open source code, random youtube, but normal brute force seems to work for me.

Also, I used to play around with the 20tab python plugin before epic came out with their own python integration. 20tab has a lot of cool ideas on what is possible, but you have to either use their plugin OR translate those ideas to what is possible with Epic’s API.

I’ve joined the Python user group on Discord and all though they do not specialize with Unreal, they were able to assist with some issues much faster than UE Forums. Check it out here -

Also, if you want to collaborate and help each other, my discord is “Teriander#4597”. Feel free to message me anytime.

I discovered Alex channel few months back. Give that a go :slight_smile: