A good skeleton prepared properly for 3ds max?

Hello! I have a few sample skeletons of the default mannequin that are supposed to work with 3ds max (one exported from UE4 directly, and one from the official documentation).
But I’m having serious issues with both, with the one from the documentation, the bones just arent linked properly and isn’t recognized by UE as the mannequin skeleton.
With the one exported from the engine there are a lot of issues with scales and transformations, all the bones are rather large, and all the transforms seem to be off, so skinned assets end up squashing and streching when bones rotate. Fixing it requires unlinking and resetting xform on all the bones, which breaks their position and rotation, leaving me practically without anything usable. Sadly I only noticed this after already doing hours of skinning.
(There’s also a couple of root and twist bones that don’t seem to really do anything with the current setup?)
I’ve tried downloading a few examples from random sites, but they seem outdated or too modified so far.

So I am wondering, with the large amount of UE users over the years, surely someone has already setup a good mannequin/skeleton with proper rigging and constraints/solvers for 3ds max that is recognized as using the default skeleton on import into UE4?

Any suggestions?

I’m a bit of a newb but I just paid someone to make a skeleton for a 3DS character. Is what you want the .uasset file for the skeleton?

Thanks, but the parts I am having issues with is within 3ds max.