A good laptop to work

Hi unreal engine community
Can anyone recommend a laptop?
I have a good desktop computer, but I need a laptop that runs at 60 fps or close. (Preferably AMD)

Thanks for any help

I use an Asus G75VX for my laptop, it runs okay for an aging laptop.

I use a HP envy 15j012 but it runs slow

Thanks for the recommendation

Take a look at those threads :slight_smile:

Mine gets close. But it’s Intel.

Here’s what I use, and it works very well.

System Model: G750JS-DS71
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870M
Operating System:Windows 8.1 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600)
System Resolution During Test:1920x1080

Resolution Scale:Epic
View Distance:Epic
Post Processing:Epic

Editor Viewport FPS: 60
Play in Viewport FPS: 60

Notes (optional):
It seems that 4.3.0 is limiting my fps to 60 on all projects on my system, even blank ones. If I run the same test in 4.2.1, without the Editor Settings-as they are not there-but still using stat fps, my fps will go higher.

I’m doing 3d modeling and some animation and I guess the specs would be equal for UE.
My experience with the HP EliteBook series is very good.
You get models with Nvidia Quadro cards that works very well with most 3D applications.

Depending on where you’re located you may have access to a system builder that uses Clevo parts, these laptops usually don’t look fancy, but you can customize them with the latest and greatest mobile CPUs and GPUs so they perform pretty well.
what about this computer? with a nvidia gt 780m?

Thanks everyone.

With a GTX 780M that would be a great setup. I have a GTX 860M and I can run most things at around 50 FPS. The 780M is even better than the 860 so you should be good there.

Although I hope you know that the laptop in that link has a GTX 750M not 780…

Yes i know, my bad.