A good computer to carry UE4 on

Hey guys, how’s going?

Today I have a Core 2 Quad Q8400, 4GB RAM DDR2, GeFoce GTS 250 1GB 128bits PCI Express, 500GB HD Sata II as my personal machine that I work on UE4. Simple and few Actors runs smoothly, but as the things grow, I terrify myself because I have no performance.

I’m not good with hardware at all. I know some PC’s components but I am not updated with the lastest. I just wanna know your enviroment (hardware) specifications - if possible, of course - and how it runs UE4. Smoothly? Badly? And if your configuration is not so far from mine, have you a good config to suggest?

What I was thinking about:

  • Intel Core i7-4770K 3.5Ghz, 8MB, LGA 1150 c/ Intel HD Graphics (4th gen) - BX80646I74770K
  • RAM Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 1600MHz CMZ16GX3M2A1600C11
  • GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost
  • Corsair ATX 750W Modular CS750M CP-9020078-WW (Is that enough to the rest of the configuration?)
  • MB ASUS to Intel P8Z77-V LK LGA 1155 Box, with iControl, Smart DIGI+, USB 3.0, GPU Boost

The problem? The price. I’ll buy all products in Brazil, and here if you don’t know yet, EVERYTHING is VERY expensive, specially electronics and computers. In this config, I’ll spend something about US$1.700,00 (R$4.080,00) and that’s too much money!

So, can someone customize/mix the configuration for me? Maybe with AMD technologies equivalents (that I never used before (is it good?)). Or, at least, help me with some hints or tricks?

I’m waiting for answers.


This is the build I’m thinking of doing in a few months. $1635.41 CAD is about R$3386.40. What’s your tax rate? I could figure out totals.

As for expense, being Canadian, I know that feeling. It sucks.

i5? I saw AMD FX 9370 Black Edition Octa Core 4.4GHz 4.7GHz Max Turbo 16MB AM3+ FD9370FHHKWOF and it’s about US$299,00. Seriously that AMD is far from Intel? :confused:

And yes, expenses are sucks, hehe. Anyway, for comparison propose, exactly the same processor (Intel Core i5-4670K 3.4GHz Quad-Core Processor) in Brazil costs R$976,90 (source from the cheapest store). So, let’s do some math.

R$1,00 = US$2,32 (commercial)

For today, buying the processor in the store you posted, it will cost R$600.88 without taxes - just converting. If we subtract to reach the difference between real value and converted value, we see R$376.02. Something about US$63,00 are government taxes.

PCPartPicker generally finds the cheapest eTailer to buy from, but they don’t have a Brasilian site which is unfortunate, and holy Hell, that’s a massive difference. Is the rest import tariffs or something like that, or just artificial price bumps as in Canada’s case? That’s ridiculous.

People are picking super CPUs and forget that UE4 is really hunger for GPU power.
I would recommend at least GTX 770. Nothing below that.

The 770 is literally $60-75 more everywhere for at most a 20% gain over the EVGA 760 SC or a 15% over the 760 FTW. It’s not worth it.

I swapped the 760 SC out for an ASUS 770. $80 more expensive. EGVA 770 SC is even more expensive. Imagine how much a 770 is in Brasil.

You have to think about budget being an issue and in many cases the broader use of a PC. In my case I’m also going to be using it for digital audio production, so I need a “super CPU.”

Yes, unfortunately they don’t have brazilian stores. I tried to search an equal social computer-hardware site, but nothing found.

By the bye, hell yeah! It’s a massive difference! And nope, is not import tariffs nor price bumps. Are both. :stuck_out_tongue: Really ridiculous.

Jesus Christ! My GTS 250 is old but until now everything is going okay with UE4, but I feel that I need more power. Anyway, I’m with Nebulon Ranger. In Brazil US$150,00 do all the difference and pay more than 100% (yes! 100% in Brazil) to gain at most 20% of performance isn’t a big deal for me.

I corrected myself, it’s $60-80 more (and in the case of the EVGA 770 SC, $110) for what amounts to a 20-25% increase (~10400 vs the 760SC’s 8869) over the 760 SC in 3DMark 11. Still not exactly the best bang/buck.

No problem. “US$60~US$80” is around 60% increasing in the price in Brazil. Still not being a big deal.

I’m talking in CAD, which is worth less than the US Dollar. We Canucks pay about $10-20 more than the US for everything before import tariffs, federal and provincial (or in some cases both like n Ontario. HST is the devil.) taxes, so it averages out in Ontario to be $50-60 more than the US as a benchmark for new GPUs. Then there’s the artificial bumps f like $25-50 to “account for exchange rate” or “encourage buying Canadian” (aka rip us off).

Got it. Yeah dude, we’re almost in the same situation, hehe. But, what we can do, right? Anyhow, thanks for your help. (“account for exchange rate” or “encourage buying Canadian”) are the excuses here too, and you made me laugh, lol)

Finally, what do you think of AMD Octa-Core?

The FX 9000 line, despite being essentially overclocked 8350s, are monsters of CPUs. In many cases, for productivity, they’ll smash the 4670k. However they draw a lot of power (225W) and generate a lot of heat, so a good water cooler like a Corsair H100i or a Kraken X60 is pretty much required. I’m just looking into a 4670k because it’s overall cheaper.

And no problem. :wink:

I’d also pick up a 1TB HDD rather than a 500GB, the Caviar Blue line has comparable performance to the Black for half the price.

AMD FX 9370 Black Edition Octa Core 4.4GHz 4.7GHz Max Turbo 16MB AM3+ is a monster, then (It’s cheaper than i7 4770k)? And Nebulon, curiously Corsair H100i is cheaper than the cooler I was thinking to buy. I think you show me a light.

BUT, WAIT! A cooler is different than a supplier? Oo

The 9370 was actually recommended to me by an enthusiast streamer on Twitch who does a lot of work in Adobe Premier and After Effects as well as heavy gaming.

Yeah, the H100i is very reasonably priced for an aftermarket water cooler, the only thing is you need to have a case compatible with it, which the Corsair 500R definitely is. :wink:

Good to know that AMD is powerful. Seriously. It’s relatively cheap here. By the bye, suppliers are different than coolers? Seriously, I really do not know. :open_mouth:

And this Corsair 500R is beautiful!

This doesn’t answer your question as the price as spec’ed is too high, but hopefully provides you with some insight into the process we use to spec our machines.

There are many factors that contribute to a great programmer and Editor experience. Lots of RAM, a CPU with a high clock speed and many cores, and a higher end GPU.

Internally, we found the sweet spot (optimizing for performance) to be a PC with the following pieces and were able to assemble a machine with those specs, case and all, for under $2500.

? Intel Core i7 4930K processor w/ Intel X79 chipset motherboard
? 32GB RAM
? Nvidia GTX 770 video card

On the CPU side this page (hyperlink to ) is quite helpful when it comes to making different price / performance trade-offs.

For SSDs, this page (hyperlink to | Das Digitalkamera-Magazin) is a good starting point. We went with the Samsung 840 Evo for a great price / performance / size trade-off.

We recommend 24-32 GByte of RAM as even though neither the compilation process nor the Editor use this much memory, the extra memory for the disk cache is well worth it. We recommend not going below 24 GByte if you are optimizing for cost and only found diminishing returns above 32 GByte.

The NVIDIA GTX 770 enables full access to all of the high-end graphics features in UE4 at smooth framerates. A powerful GPU is especially important for VR, in order to ensure a high framerate (60-75Hz+) in order to minimize latency.

To optimize price I would go with the 4770, and go down to 16 GByte of RAM, and a cheaper 500 MByte HDD. Basically exactly what you already did. Sorry I wasn’t able to be of more help. I still wanted to chime in with my thinking about trade-offs for others to see.

The i5-4670k is still a great CPU, and I would wager still in that area of strength required for good programming/editing workflow. My old box had an i7-2600 and it was being bottlenecked by the low-end 6670 in it, but it was more than good enough for code. :wink:

The EVGA GeForce GTX 760 SC isn’t that far behind the 770 performance-wise from what I’ve read from user reviews, so it all depends what the individual user considers “acceptable framerates” I guess.

In addition, there’s not much of a reason to go below 1TB on the storage side–a 1TB Caviar Blue is $70 CAD compared to the equivalent Black being $120-140. You can get insane deals that way.

Hey Daniel, what’s up?

So, I’m pretty sure that the spec you posted is very very very good, but it is a little much more than I can reach for now. Initially, this computer will not be an investment - It will be an expense, since I’ll not earn nothing with it until I start to work somewhere. I mean, I already work, but until I earn money with the monster it will be just an expense, and I think it’ll be a long term expense because I’m not technically prepared to surf with the market. Actually, this machine will help me to prepare myself, but it’ll take a year or two to get myself involved with big deals. Can you get my point of view?

I thought to buy a simpler machine and scaling it by time, but I am afraid for the new technologies: yesterday DDR3 was a myth, today there’s no more space for DDR2.

What I meant with “simpler machine”? Actually, a simpler machine for me is lighter than that I posted. Maybe an i3 just for run the initials, because as I said, I run UE4 with Core2Quad and 4GB RAM with no difficulties. Obviously, a matter of time to bother me with my hardware, but let’s trying while we are young, huh?

By the way, it’s more important GPU or CPU for UE4? Or it depends? Even for a 3D application such as Maya or 3DS Max, do you know which one is most important?

Thanks in advance, Daniel!

Thanks for the info Daniel. Since my wife bought a new sewing machine I splashed out AUD$4500 on a new monster PC :wink:

[table=“width: 700, class: grid”]

Intel Core i7 4930K

Noctua NH-D14 SE2011 LGA2011 CPU Cooler

Gigabyte GeForce GTX Titan Black 6GB (was on sale, whytf not)

Samsung 840 EVO Series 1TB SSD

ASUS P9X79 Motherboard

G.Skill Ripjaws Z F3-14900CL10Q-32GBZL 32GB (4x8GB) DDR3

Fractal Design Define R4 Black Pearl

Corsair AX860 Platinum Power Supply

ASUS PB278Q 27in PLS LED Widescreen Monitor


OMFG I need a wife to have the excuse to buy a PC like yours for me.