A glitch with the Widget BP's?


So, I was working on a small scale inventory system and faced this funny bug in my code or someting: for some reason, I need to have the branch getting a false input for the animation to proceed. Does anyone know whats happening? Ill send some footage:…

So what are the possible values of that int? Also, wouldn’t it be neater to switch on int here?

The possible values are 1, 2, 3. And it should be if its equal to 1 play pop-up 1 and so on, but for some reason it only works if its not equal to 1. Pretty weird. And switch on int? Never eard of it. Ill do some digging

First of all, you’re playing the animations in Tick, this should be event driven instead - hit a button > play anim. You’re doing everything *every *frame. And switch on int should work well for this. And it seems like you’re playing more than 1 animation - sequence node. If slot int == 1 -> play anim 2 & 3.