A game with "nearly" no graphics

This image is not a bad joke, this is actually a screenshot from the game “A Blind Man’s Walk Through A Dragons Cave”. And if you are thinking this is just an empty black screen, you are absolutely right. So why do I show you this screenshot? I do this because this black screen is what you will see in about 90% of the playtime.

I am a amateur game developer that for about 25 years has been fascinated by making games. As a hobby game developer I only make games for fun. I know most of my game is weird, and most people probably do not like my games very much or in many cases even understand them. Because I do not try to earn money on my games, it is totally okay that not a lot of people plays or even like my games. What I like about making games this way, is the freedom to make games just the way I like them. And for me is it even more important that this gives me the freedom to experiment with what a game is and what game can be.

I have used UE4 for about 3-4 years now, and before this I have used Unity, UDK and many other programs and game engines to making my games in. Like most other people, that is using UE4, I am also fascinated by making visual beautiful games. Okay, I know that my games is not super beautiful, but I would still like them to be pretty. But for some time now, I have thought about it was really important for me to make all this visual interesting and beautiful 3D games. And the short conclusion of this thought, was that I could try to make a game where graphics not was important. And the easy answer to this would be to try to make simple 2D pixel art, or perhaps simple 3D voxel art games. But like I earlier have mentioned, I have made games for about 25 years, and therefor I have made simple 2D pixel art and simple 3D voxel art games, and this because it was what was possible for me to make. Then I could make a good old text adventure game, and I do not believe I have made this kind of game. But let me be honest, I do not like to play games where I have to read a lot of text, and therefor I believe it would be pretty stupid to make this kind of game.

Okay, so I would like to make a game where graphics is not an important part of the game. So why not make a game with no or at least nearly no graphics. So then I decided to make a voice acted adventure game, where the only graphics is a bit of text, and the text is mainly there to give player some simple choices on there adventure.

So the game I made was “A Blind Man´s Walk Through A Dragons Cave”. 90% of time in this game is just black screen and me telling you a story. Okay there is also a bit of background music. The game is pretty short, and it is like most of my other games not a super perfect game. But I like it, and for me this is what is important.

You can find and try the game for free HERE

Do you try the game, then you are super welcome to leave a comment, with some feedback on the game. And if you have any other thoughts about what I am writing about, you are naturally also welcome to leave a comment.

And here you can see that there is a bit of text and graphics in the game.

Wow! Its a great game… Very interesting idea
but there are on problem: on the initial screen not all letters fit
Sorry for my English…

I am happy you liked my game. I have now tried to fix the text issue.