A Game of Haunting | Multiplayer Horror Game

Project Title:
A Game of Haunting

Project type: Blueprint
Local: 1 Player
Online: 1-6 Players
Local: Essentially a story mode. I’m trying to create a story based off of the forrest ranger creepy pasta. There could be different stories lines in DLC packs.

Multiplayer: 4(max) people are (paranormal) investigators while 2(max) players are ghosts/demons. The ghosts select 3 items to use as totems that the investigators must find and destroy. In order to destroy the totems the investigators must have all of them in a ritual pit/area and the ritual takes 15 seconds to start. Once started the match is over. On the other hand the ghosts have the ability to scare and posses investigators. Being scared will permanently effect investigator’s stamina and will knock them out for 15 seconds. Once a ghost possesses an investigator, they have 30-45 seconds to find a weapon and attack other investigators. In order for an investigator to be possessed they must have already been scared.

Current Team Structure:
Project Manager: Me - Experience with BP and mild experience with C++.

Talent Required:
Must have BP and C++ experience
Would be nice if you have experience implementing network features
Task 1 - Will assist me in mechanics programming.
Task 2 - Will script the game save mechanics.
Task 3 - Set Rules for multiplayer games

3D Artist - Texture Artist
Must have experience with Blender, Maya, or other 3D modeling software
Must be able to successfully export models/material/textures to UE4 from 3D editor
Would be nice if you could prep skeletal structure for models for animation in UE4
Would be nice if you could design building architecture
Task 1 - Create character, prop, and environment models
Task 2 - Prep the models for placement into the engine

Must have experience creating detailed animations with skeletal models in UE4
Must be able to create cutscenes using Matinee
Task 1 - Create basic animations for characters, props, and moveable environments
Task 2 - Create cutscenes for opening of multiplayer games and for story mode


I have already started and am at a pre-alpha stage. I suck at modeling and texturing and would prefer not to use community assets other than vegetation and sounds/music. I also am not completely knowledgeable on how to implement things. As the scripting gets more complex I get a tiny bit lost and make little progress per day. I believe this project is a good idea but again it’s hard to execute by myself.

Also money wise, unpaid for now. We will discuss when game is finished how to split whatever revenue comes out of it.

Cool Idea :slight_smile: Hope it turns into something. I’m wondering , what will the Player who got possessed do meanwhile he is being controlled? Just watch? Could be cool to throw that player in like a “Mindscape” where he needs to solve some puzzle or something, to break free, and until he does that, the other player will be controlling him.

Thanks! And yeah, that’s a really good idea haha! I love it!

Please people, I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while. I need help doing this. I’ve asked people around my university and no one wants to help. I’ve always gotten in a rut and hit a brick wall and game ideas I have just sit there and collect dust because I’ve needed someone to help with the parts I’m not good at like modeling and animating.

@ndlanier Post in the collaboration thread. Also, i feel your pain, bro. Just try doing the gameplay with placeholder graphics and then beg designers to help you :slight_smile: most people step into helping to already or half finished games. =/