A game im working on alone

Hey Guys !
I apologize ahead of time for my bad English.

I’m making a game " Survivalizm ". It is an animal simulator in UE 4.11.2, working alone on the game. all assets are not my own, all code is my own and animal meshes are my own. Only lion is shown here but I’ve made 5-6 more ]
I’m mentioning what I have done so far and am also mentioning the issues that I’m facing so I’d love some advice or guidance from UE4 masters here.

The game I’m trying to build is going to be as realistic as possible. Carnivores eat herbivores and Herbivores will be eating small plants.
You will also be able to be part of herd or lead herds. You will also be able to fend off or mate with other member of your own species / herd. Mating will provide you with kids after the gestation period is over of the Female. ( even you can be female ).

I also wish to make insects but the game will not look good when zoomed in that much on the textures, so avoiding that right now.

64km^2 open area. Thinking of doing two types of forests Coniferous and Broadleaf and an open grassland area. FPS is on top right.
1920x1080 ultra settings. Photorealistic trees. High poly animal models + realtime FUR (not NVidia hairworks) so the fur will work on every GPU.
(FPS is low, I know. I’m trying to find solution for that.)

It’s noticeable that there are no shrubs or smaller plants. I did not put them as this was only dense forest test.
All the shrubs and smaller plants will be edible by the herbivores and they are all intractable objects.
Hence not placed right now. They will soon be placed and more screens will be uploaded.

Day and Night System, 1 hour of real time is 24 hours of in game time. 5/6 hours realtime will give a full year (not yet finalized). No weather system implemented yet.

The landscape shader is very complex and takes a lot of computation but gives very good feel of dense forest. With small fallen sticks, fallen leaves impressions + normals. Also gives out water reflections.
These are just 2 layers blended.

Animals so far in works
Rabbit, Cat, Wolf, Fox, Dogs, Tiger, Lion, Panther, Chittal Deer, Gazelle, Black Buck, Snakes, Bear, Elephant, Giraffe, Rhino, Zebra.
I wish to do more, but due to time and complexity I will be able to do only these. Only a very few of the animals are done by now but hopefully more will be completed soon.

Few gameplay vids : (very early)

[video]- YouTube

Herd walking in a line when migrating.

[video]- YouTube

AI Lioness Pouncing and eating Deer.


Player Lioness ( Root motion ) pouncing.

Also I wish to do Small 1-2 hour stories alongside this big world which will be like the following.

  • Escape from Zoo
  • 7 nights to guard your family
  • Find your family in the same open world. (Winter)
  • Get back to home in the same open world. (Winter)

Please let me know what you guys think.