A ForEachLoop inside another ForEachLoop not executing?

I am checking 2 different arrays and see if their values are equal. I have an array of weapons and array of the players inventory, I am checking to make sure that if the player has the weapon in the inventory then we don’t duplicate it or equip it. I am trying to do 2 foreachloop’s one inside the other but the probem is that the second foreachloop loop body does not execute. Check the image below:

What am I doing wrong? Is there another method for checking 2 different arrays?

Are you sure the “Weapon Inventory” array is filled when you execute those loops?

I found another way of solving this issue, I put a boolean in each Weapon object to see if it was equipped or not instead of 2 foreach loops, maybe my array was not populated or something. Either way I achieved what I wanted, live and learn.