A fix for low resolution text in the UE4 editor tools

i got one… im looking to fix the resolution of the UE4 editor icons and text, not the epic launcher. I’ve tried going to the UE exe. properties/compatibilities and checking the override DPI scaling, it did help change the res. whenever a project loads up, but the actual UE4 editor scaling is still at a low res. I’ve also tried using the widget reflector settings inside the editor but it doesn’t really change the resolution of the text and icons it just changes their size, (like a large picture of a low res. image) i’m using a 4k tv and would LIKE for the editor to look as sharp as possible, does a fix exist for this? Thanks.

Just in case please note i’m talking about changing the resolution of the editor and not changing the resolution settings inside a project or blueprints, here are some examples of what i mean. (it’s easier to notice with pictures on full screen)

alt text

I had the same problem.