A few questions!

Hey guys!

I’ve been chipping away at the more heavy stuff of the API,
but I haven’t really played around in the editor too much, until recently.

But before I get into my editor question…

I’ve been digging around the pawn/character/actor headers and looking through their corresponding document pages,
and I’ve noticed they have a full damage system in place, akin to UDK/UE3, but I’ve found nothing in terms of health, etc.

**Q 1: **
Should that be handled by myself using my own variables and an overridden “TakeDamage” function?

Now onto the Editor!

I was trying to work on a landscape, as I’ve fairly good knowledge from UDK,
but I’ve noticed that on any single component, once I paint more than 3 layers, it instantly reverts to the standard engine checker material.

I increased the “Max Painter Layers Per Component”, but even setting it at 0,
it still won’t let me go over 3 layers.

I thought it was maybe to do with the amount of texture samplers in my landscape material,
so I lowered them down to just 4, using only diffuse.

Still I’m having the same issue unfortunately.
I’ve attached images of the end result, the paint settings, the Landscape settings and the material I made.

I was going through the UE Answers, etc, and some people are worried it is a bug.

Q 2:
So any Ideas?
If it is a bug, should I handle this myself? Or wait for Epic to update the Engine themselves?


Thanks a lot guys as always.
I’ve never had an issue you guys can’t solve or help me with, and that means a lot!