A few questions..

Hi, I just licensed UE4 and I find it pretty awesome.
But I have a few questions/problems about C++ programming.

I’m talking about the Strategy sample.

I have maany squiggles and thus I cannot use IntelliSense because it doesn’t find many classes.
Also there are symbols which I cannot resolve. See for example: AStrategyPlayerController::ProcessPlayerInput

“Player” is casted into a ULocalPlayer but I cannot find any Player variable and it isn’t found by IntelliSense, too.

And what are the conventions for Class Names? I saw U for Objects, A for Actor derivates and F at data types like FString.

I hope you can help me

The official Unreal Engine 4 Programming Guide will help you out a lot. I recommend taking the time to read through most every link on that page, it will take a few hours but it will save you time in the long run. It’s located here:

Here is the official UE4 Coding Standards document:

IntelliSense for C++ can stop working if there are errors in your code. (a bit annoying since we often want to use it to point out errors in our code. Apparently making IntelliSense work in C++ is challenging as it has always lagged behind the other managed Visual Studio languages.). Is this a fresh project based on the strategy sample or have you modified it? Check your .h files for errors first.

Well there was initially no solution shipped with the project. As soon as I added a class with the Unreal Editor, a project was created.
But also when I create a blank project and add a class I get such errors due to the inclusion of xxx_generated.h, which I think is generated at compile time.