A few questions?

I just downloaded de source code at GitHub and is working :slight_smile: yayy

My questions are:

The engine that i build with the visual studio works the same way as the one that the epic games launcher installs?

The GitHub engine also checks for updates when i launch it?

Can i copy the folder of where i builded the engine and copy it to another pc ?

Finally right now i have 2 engines in my pc the one that i builded with the source code and the other that the Epic games launcher installed, i want to delete the second one. Can i delete the folder โ€œ4.7โ€ directly at the โ€œEpic Gamesโ€ location or i need to remove it in the library (Im asking this because im afraid that will delete the one that i builded) ?

Tyvm for any help and sorry for my bad english :slight_smile: