A few questions and hello to the Community

Hello to the community,

im a new user of the Unreal Engine 4. So i have a few questions about it. I hope this is the right place, if not, please set it to the right one.

I made a few years ago some games with the “Gamestudio” from Conitec. This engine runs with C-script, later with Lite-C. This programming language has some parallels to C#. But not much.
There are some Syntax like:

 void Blinking_Light_1()
   var BlinkValue = 5;
    Set Color.r = 5;
    Set Color.g = 7;
    Set Color.b = 19;
    my.Lightrange = BlinkValue * 0.2 * timestep;

This code is only a example that dont work. Like this code Lite-C Looks like.

Now i looked yesterday the first time into the UE4. And im very irritated. The Editor Looks great and the qualtity from the ingame Scenes as well. But i have no idea how to script in C++, because i used it
a Long time ago. Then i saw the blueprint Feature. It’s great, but hard to learn. I mean, there are now tutorials from scratch. In gamestudio there was a very good tutorial how to build a game from scratch.

Anyway. That’s not the Problem. Is there a good documentation about the Syntax? But with the use of blueprint? Better question: Can i build a game only with blueprint or is C++ a must have?

To understand my questions are good to know what i want to make:

A simple Shooter like Doom3. I mean the gameplay should be simple as possible, but with Horror and a good Story. I have this idea since Gamestudio. But can’t realise it, because Gamestudio are to
bad for that.

One last question: If i make a game, or a Level, how can i make it to run on Xbox one? Can i test it with the game burned on a simple DVD, or is there more to know? Sorry for my silly questions, but at the
moment i feel like a small “Rumpelstielzchen” in a very big forest.


Edit says:
Sorry for my bad english, i don’t use it offen.

Welcome in this great community! :slight_smile:


In my opinion it is possible to create a whole game just with blueprints -> currently developing a own one without any programming experience ^^ The game that you mentioned is surely doable with blueprints!

Are you from germany? ^^ “Rumpelstielzchen”

Hey there! :slight_smile:

Blueprints are extremely useful and it’s possible to develop whole games with this system without programming a single line in C++ - as fighter said.
If you want to learn Blueprint, you should take a look on THIS thread.

The Unreal Engine Youtube channel offers very instructing tutorials, I think there’s everything you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Also, you shouldn’t worry about X-box as it’s very hard to get a License for it. Same for ps. Also, c++ isn’t actually scripting. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks to the quick answers.

@fighter: Yes. I’m from Germany (Bavaria).

That C++ isn’t Scripting do i know. I don’t have a Problem to learn it “again”. But i have not much time, and i want to make games only for fun. And for my son. That’s why i was asking about Xbox One. I have one and only want to know if it possible to make a game (not Commercial) that i can run on my xbox.

Anywhy. Thanks to all. I give UE4 a try and hope my ideas will become real. Or Unreal? ;o)

Nice! Make sure to say “hello” to our other german members: :wink:

Howdy Beregron,

Welcome the the UE4 community! Very happy to have you here. To answer your questions about C++ and Blueprints, As other community members have stated, creating a game solely out of blueprints is very doable, though the basic knowledge of C++ will help you clean up the project later in the development. There are numerous resources that you can use to help you along with your UE4 project. There is ourWiki page, YouTube tutorials, books (Rakantor has linked one in their post above), and so many other tools that can help you.

Cube2222 has basically summed up the Xbox one part of your question. It is very difficult to get a license for for consoles. Not unattainable, but difficult. Here is a link to the FAQ section where you will be able to find information on Xbox and PS:

Hope this helps you clear up some questions that you have. Again, welcome to the community and hope that you have fun using UE4!