A few questions about UE4 use

Hello, this is my first post here, pleasure to make your acquaintance. Please pardon me if this isn’t the place to ask these questions or something, I will learn!

I’m in the process of learning programming & development. I’ve been watching the Unreal Engine tutorials on YouTube, enjoying them very much and learning a lot. Today I finally mustered up the courage to make an account here, & download Unreal Engine to start practicing for myself, as a hobbyist, and hopefully someday ship something if it works out. Anyway, I’m reading through the EULA, and I noticed in Section 2 “User License” that the License is intended for a single user, & can be stored on any of my computers, but it cannot be shared with others. I am actually learning UE4 and C++ with my brother, & we are sharing our only computer. Will it honestly be a problem if we share this computer & UE4 on it, working on the same projects?

Also, when making an account on this site, do you need to use your real name? Does it matter at all? (too late now, haha.)

Lastly, to be clear, if you did ship a project using UE4, does Epic own any part of your IP?

You can tell I’m still in the learning process here, & I would very much appreciate answers. Thank you for your time!

They mean the license can’t be shared, not your content. Your brother would just make an account and when either of you uses the editor you just log in using your own login info.
You don’t need to use your real name as your forum user name.
Epic does not own what you create, if you sell the product then you have to pay royalty.

Thank you very much! I just worked my way through the document. I now have one more question.

Should I download UE4 straight from the site, or get the source code from Github? I don’t plan on making changes to the source code any time soon, but are there other differences between the two that I should be aware of? If so, will anything bite me in the back later on even if it’s not very relevant to me now? Could I always uninstall UE4 and re-download it the other way if I wanted to?

If you aren’t going to be editing the source then it’s best to download the launcher and install it from there. If you need to, you can download the source later and have both versions on the same machine.

Thank you!