A few questions about the build process


All last week I was struggling to make sense of Unreal’s build system and the layers of associated tools. UnrealBuildTool, RunUAT, BuildGraph, QuickSync, etc. While I sort of have it working, I can’t say I fully understand things. I was wondering if anyone could clear up a couple of questions I have?

  • What is the difference between a regular build from source and and ‘installed build’. By installed build, I don’t mean something I download, but an ‘installed build’ that I build from the source. Am I correct in thinking that when you build from source, you can build a regular build or an “installed” one?

  • is building the ‘engine’ the same thing as building the ‘editor’? Are those the same thing?

  • when I build the engine from source, a Huuuge number of binary files are generated - especially with all the plugins included. Are ALL of those ended by creatives just using the editor? Is there a smaller subset I can distribute?

  • also, isn’t it possible to only rebuild the few files have changed when you rebuild the engine? When I build, it seems to always want to rebuild the whole thing from scratch.

  • are there any good, thorough sources of documentation for this stuff?

Thanks very much