A few questions about map creation

Hello Ladies and Gents!

I’m working on a small PvP-map for my friends and myself and I ran into a few things that I’m uncertain about:

First question:

In order to make a decent level streaming you need to split the map (A1_near, A1_far and so on…) and put the Foliage into these levels (trees and big indestructible meshes into the “_far” levels, small foliage into the “_near” levels. That much I understand.
What I don’t get is, do I need to create some sort of level borders to these sections of the map? Or is it really as simple as just painting the foliage onto the desired sections? Or have i completely missed something out?

Second question:

For some reason I can’t figure out how to create borders for the map; I started by creating a copy of the Island, deleted the unnessesary levels and actors and added new levels according to my needs. I then pasted my landscape into the LandscapeSubLevel (I deleted the original LandscapeSublevel and created a new Level and gave it the same name as in the original map). Of course now I can swim outside of my landscape and through the dirt_layer. So how can I correct this?

Third question

For some reason there is no weather displaying when I play the map in the editor. I have a working daycycle and a moving sun/moon. But there are no clouds at all. Does the play-in-editor feature not display these or have I messed up?
I followed the instructions from this tutorial: …It is in german, however you’ll see the uploader deletes some parts of the Level_Blueprints (in the copied “theIsland” map) starting at 8:20. He deletes some parts of the blueprint that he claimes are only neccessary if you plan on adding snow biomes, which I do not intend to do. Does he delete too much? Also I haven’t added biomes as of yet, does the weather need biomes in order to work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Edit: Problems solved, look at the third post for the answers…

Well to answer your third quiestion, you should see the clouds, cause I have done my weather and day cycle properly, and I can see them when I start the game from the viewport.
What I did was first I followed bricks video about how to copy the weather and day cycle files from the Island map, and than I followed the instructions of Uzumi from the first page of this thread, and that will do it, it did work for me.

About your first quiestion I have no clue but I badly wanna know that too, I wanna make these Submaps, and make my map as a grid, but no idea how.

Sorry for the late response, somehow the post-notification didn’t work…

So I redid every step following both the tutorials from BrickWhut and Uzumi. Turns out for some reason the Settings of the DevKit itself where set too low to display the clouds. So the weather is now working on my map.

And to answer your Question (and my own first question) Every info about Level-Streaming I came across indicates that indeed it works just as I assumed. The level borders for each sublevel are created when you start to paint the foliage and get expanded automatically (look for the level borders in the scene outliner). However it would be nice if someone with a better understanding could verify this to be true or not.

And I finally stumbled across the answer to the second question or at least one way of solving the problem. So just in case someone with the same problem ever stumbles over this thread: load up smallisland, load the persistent gameplay sublevel and look for the IslandCeilingBounds, IslandWallBounds and BlockingVolume - BlockingVolume_5. Copy/Paste these and adjust their size/position to fit your map.