A few questions about licenses

Hi, I’m an IT tech working for a public school and I have been ask to register for the UDK Engine. After looking at the docs I still have a few questions.

1- If we have, for example, around 160 computers dedicate to these classes can we ask for 200 licenses for teachers, IT tech, etc. computers?
2- How are the licenses working? Is it a serial number that we have to type that register the computer on your server for example.
3- What happen if we have to reinstall a crash computer?
4- The student’s part is not clear. Do we have to give licenses to students or can they get them themselves?
5- I need to do a silent install of the Unreal UDK using our ZENworks engine. With the free version it’s now possible. But is it also possible to do that with this version?

Is it possible to get a rush answer? :slight_smile: A few teachers are waiting on me for their courses.

Thanks in advance for the help!
Guillaume Boucher
Collège de Bois-de-Boulogne

Hi, I am also looking answers to Gbouchers 1-3 questions.


  1. I think you get a key and with that you can just re-install it. Or probably you can register different accounts which gets activated with the keys -> like you have payed for the engine. Then you could install it on every computer you like + reinstall it several times (but actually those are just some guesses) :slight_smile:

  2. you have to give them to the students, because you as a teacher have to contact epic games

“Your students enrolled in accredited video game development, computer science, art, architecture, simulation, and visualization programs may also use subscription codes obtained through your school to carry on personal development projects and release them commercially.” (41:22 min)

Here you can get more information:

Hi! A quick distinction - UDK is the latest version of the publicly available UE3 tools. The education announcement pertains to UE4, the shiny new toolset :cool:

You can request per student, that way they each have their own individual log in to access the software.

Each account set up will have a code that the student can assign. this grants the account access for the duration of the code (1 year per)

The codes allow access to download and install the software, and get free updates to it as long as the code is still valid. It’s not serial number based like windows, per-se, so a crash just means you can reinstall. You may lose projects on the machine, however, unless you back them up elsewhere

Since the codes are good for adding time to a subscription, a student can create an account themselves, or you can create one for them. Once the account is setup, you’d apply the code and they’re all set!

I’m not familiar with ZENworks, can you explain what the limitations of this are?

Update 10/7: Students can now obtain access to UE4 directly for free through our collaboration with GitHub’s Student Pack GitHub Student Developer Pack - GitHub Education

Thanks for the information :slight_smile:

“Novell ZENworks Configuration Management” is the equivalent of Microsoft SCCM. It’s a system that permits us, among other things, to install remotely software on computers in our school.

Thanks again for the help!