A few questions about inventories.

I’ve tried to figure this out for a while but with no luck, so I decided to finally ask for help in hopes that someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance to anyone that takes the time to help.

1.) Using the blueprint graph how do you make it so the inventory opens? I was making a storage box that opens upon left clicking anywhere with a certain item, the only part I’ve had so much trouble with is actually making the inventory open.

2.) How do you force an inventory to update/refresh it’s UI? I made a sorter for putting items into the correct storage boxes but once items are pulled out of the sorter it still looks like items are in the inventory. Only after I close an open the inventory again does it show the items are all gone.

When an inventory component is added to an actor, the inventory component’s native class takes care of adding the multi-use option to the player’s UI, as well as update/refresh and automatically. There are probably some inventory refresh nodes that you can use to update in a different way, but, normally, this is automatic. Perhaps you need to verify your ADK is this is not the behavior that you are getting.