A few questions about Dynamic Content Creation

Hello all,

i have a few questions about managing dynamic content in games.

What i want to achieve is something like this:

BaseStat is written in c++ (based upon UObject), the Health and Stamina class are BP children of a BP’d BaseStat.

Since i do NOT want to manage a predefined list of types anywhere (this would be just prone to errors, missing classes etc) i use the AssetRegistry to discover the BP’s which derive from my BaseStat class.
So far so good, i find them all with no problem.

But then the problems begin.
As i see it, UE4.11 can still not manage TArray<UMyClass*> properties correctly.
Either i can create them and everything works well in the editor, but then errors out when i try to put in my character into the level and save. (“Graph is linked to external private object”)
I checked the object flags, and not one has the transient flag.

The other way i tried was to make BaseStat derived from UActorComponent.
I still couldnt make it work to put them into an TArray (since Components should be created in the constructor, i cant put them into a uproperty, because it seems its cleared in the later init process and the instances get GC’d?)
The Component shows up in the component tab but isnt editable (Details tab is just empty, i checked the UPROPERTY flags already, tried different approaches, nothing helped)

So my question to the Epic Team is the following:
How can i add a unknown quantity of components to an actor, or add properties at runtime.

My game is higly dynamic, even the level is created at runtime, and i really would like to just create a new class, drop it somewhere into the content folder and see it created and used.