A few questions about developing for Android

Hello community. I’m making a sports game. Initially it was for consoles but I’ve decided to start small and aim for mobile. Unfortunately I ran into a few things thats holding me up. I’ve done an exhausting amount of searching to get past these hurdles but I’ve yet to find solutions. Hopefully one or more of you can provide some assistance.

  1. How exactly do I set up Unreal to make games for mobile (android)? Im currently using version 4.26 and cant find any info for it about this. The tutorials I found use older versions of Unreal and dont seem to work anymore. Would someone mind offering an up to date step by step tutorial on how to set up Unreal 4.26 for android development? If Its easier to just go to an older version of Unreal then I’ll do that too. Whatever gets me going.

  2. How do I test my games on my phone? I’ve seen people in videos plug their phone to their PC via USB but the tutorials I’ve found on this saying to download this and that dont seem to work. I may have done things wrong so a tut on this would be much appreciated. I really need to see how my game looks on a phone so I can optimize it.

  3. How do I handle packaging? I’ve read that Unreal is heavy because it also packs things not needed for the final game so its not good for mobile games. Is this true? If so how do I handle this? What is the recommended size for a mobile game? How do I check this during development so I dont go over?

Im new to this so if possible please offer depth to your responce. Thank you

If you are at the start, I‘d suggest reading the android getting started guides Android Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation
On top of that grab the match 3 game and try things out

Thank you for the reply. I actually already tried that but I guess I did something wrong. I did everything it says but still Unreal doesnt recognize my device for some reason.

I believe I have the correct SDK and NDK links in the Project settings > Platforms > Android SDK section but Im not sure about the Java option so that may be my problem.

Update: I did the whole guide again and still no success. I downloaded Android Studio 4.0, Linked the SDK, NDK and JDK inside Unreal in Project settings, set my phone in developer mode, turned USB debugging on and Unreal still doesnt recognize my android device. Can someone please help me out?

Update: I solved #1 and Unreal can now recognize my phone. I used this tutorial…

Installing Android Studio SDK & NDK For UE4 4.25 - YouTube

NOTE: I didnt do the part about the BIOS. I just uninstalled Android Studio 4.0 and installed 3.5.3 instead and was also able to set the JDK link correctly this time.

Im now stuck at #2 as when I deploy to my phone the game doesnt play. It just shows the black Unreal splash screen. What else am I missing?