A few problems

Hi! I’m quite a newbie to UE, started learning maybe 2 days ago. First off I have a problem with “Lightning needs to be rebuilt” notification even after building the lights.

It’s just a simple landscape with some grass and flowers added through the ‘grass type’. The numer of unbuilt objects changes a bit while moving around the map in range between 200 and 300. I have no idea where the source of this problem is :frowning:

Also i’ve noticed that the grass has terrible render distance. It starts appearing when it’s quite close to the camera, making distant hills look awful. Is there any way to change it? It’s just a “good looking scene”, not an actual game, so it doesn’t have to have billion fps. I’d much prefer it to look somewhat stunning :slight_smile:

Hope i won’t annoy you with my poor english (not my native language) and beginner problems :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure about the lighting problems, but for the render distance, in your foliage tool, or your foliage type, look for a cull distance setting and increase that variable, also go into Settings -> Engine Scalability Settings, and then set the view distance to Epic.

It still didn’t change anything. I have my view distance set to Epic and increasing the cull distance doesn’t do anything at some point, so i guess it’s limited by something else.

That’s the most I can get and it’s less than satisfying :confused:

I’m getting the same problem. I’ve rebuilt lighting in my scene a number of times but it just recently started telling me that I have 16 unbuilt objects regardless of what I do.

[just refreshing, 'cause the topic is falling down on the list, still with no answer]

So I figured out what was doing it for me. The painted foliage. I deleted the entire foliage instance and was able to correct the problem. Depending on how long you’ve spent on your foliage placement that might not be an option be it’s at least a place to start looking.