A few parts of imported asset coming into UE "exploded" or not in correct location

I modeled an asset in 3dsmax that has quite a few parts to it. As a part of this asset, I used part of another asset that I had purchased and then brought into my asset I was creating. I then grouped all of the parts and brought this into UE via Datasmith. However, I have a funny feeling that even if I import via FBX, I am going to run into the same problem which is the following:

The part of the asset that I brought over from the purchased asset seems to have parts that explode or dislodge when imported into UE. All other parts of the asset I built import completely fine and remain in the position relative to one another when imported into UE. I was trying to figure out the problem and notice that if I am in 3ds max and I select on the parts that dislodge coming into UE, they jump to the “exploded” position I see in UE when I select the pivot point (or gizmo) in 3ds max and select orient to World. My guess sis that there is a pivot point issue here.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to fix in 3dsmax or UE?

Thank you,

Maybe try to rest xForms first before exporting from 3ds max?

I’m not big on 3dsmax but this sounds like the objects you imported have their origins offset. Every object has an origin point - this is often what the whole mesh will pivot around when you rotate it as a while object.

In any modelling program there should be a way to set that origin point manually, or clear the offset. Sorry I can’t be of more help but maybe that gives you somethimg to google

Yes, there is a way in Max to deal with the origin position. I am trying to remember what I did to fix my problem but cant but thank you for responding here. It actually may have been the xform reset mentioned above.

In 3ds Max there’s also a bug that’s been there for a long time, sometimes you can set your pivot point position but you might notice it’s in the wrong place, if you go to edit pivot and when wave your mouse around the screen it might then jump to the correct position.

Otherwise, if you change the transforms of your object and you don’t need to keep track of those new values, then reset the Xform, especially if you do any scaling.

Wow, there is a bug in 3dsMax? And it has been there for a long time? I am shocked…:confused:

Seriously though, I thank you for your comment and thoughts as they have been insightful.