A Few Optimization Questions

Hello all so i’ve been going through some sample projects to see how i can better optimize my own. Some of these blueprints are absolutely huge like as attached is bp of a decal that simply does a rake effect. I’m just thinking wouldn’t it be drastically easier to forgo all those nodes and shader instructions by creating a alpha tga file of a rake brush/ effect and put it over the intended area. I see a lot of these gigantic BPs for materials which could be broken up to smaller material files with far simpler setups and far less shader instruction.

Would you guys think that would be optimal?

I understand having too many materials will cost performance issues due to the sheer number of things to call upon. In most cases i would be having a master material node with 2 main paired textures and the rest will be instanced or added decals. Eg Tiles(paired with broken tiles in vertex painting), Concrete(paired with chipped paint), metal(paired with rust) and instances to modify the color and amount or effects subjected to weather. Other things such as mosses, algae, wet shadow, grunge and stains would be kept as decals.