A few issues ...

  1. If your game projects loads fast after packaging (which is a good problem to have) because its a small project, the splash appears and disappears way too quickly. You cant really see what it was that flashed onto the screen. Is there maybe a way to set the time the splash sits on the screen before the rest of the game loads?

  2. Can the position of the splash be set by the developer? So if he or she wants it slightly off center it can be dialed in?

  3. The Ctrl+left click and drag to move the inputs or outputs from or to a rerouter node doesn’t work in 4.22.2.

  4. If you click on an input of a node that is preceded by a rerouter node then it gives you the option of jumping to the next rerouter node but it doesn’t tell you or give you option to jump all the way back to where the execution line begins. In a big script you can more than one rerouter node.

  5. It would be nice to change the color briefly of any pipe or noodle by right clicking on it just to isolate it. It does glow nicely but only between rerouter nodes and if you zoom all the way out the pipe or noodle doesn’t highlite. Changing the color though to something complimentary to the color it is just briefly so you can follow its route visually would be very helpful.

TY :slight_smile:

Very difficult to answer.

  1. No
  2. No
  3. Works for me in 4.24
  4. Not sure what you mean
  5. Shift+Click on a connection should highlight it.
    • If you have more than one rerouter node and you right click on the input on the left side (the last node that is not a rerouter) it doesn’t give you the option of jumping all the way back to the first node where the execution line begins :slight_smile:
      (I might not know something it might be possible) :slight_smile:

Also is there a way to “smooth” the rerouter node so it doesn’t “bow out” right after you created it?

None of this a big deal just little things I pick up as I go along :slight_smile: