a few inquiries about said system requirements

so here i am again , last time the community was responsive and i liked the helpfulness . I am hoping the same thing this time too :slight_smile:

so my question is , a quad core with 2.5ghz and a gtx470 is the said requirement , so is this the requirement to develop with out hiccups or something ? it wont run on anything lower ? or is it generally recommended because i can hear allot of people complaining about crappy performance when the editor is open and work is going on even with good gear and even in game with simple things sometimes .

its a bit concerning.

sorry for my impatience but any one ?

It can run on less, that’s a recommended requirement.

ah darthviper , glad to see you reply again , well iv seen people really complaining about it even on setups like gtx760 and i7s but as far as iv read the change-log 4.3 has quite a few optimizations

No, there shouldn’t be any problems with stuff that’s GTX 460 or better, you can always get better performance with a better graphics card, but below that level you will notice when things aren’t performing well.

If I can step in and say that my amd 8320 and twin gtx760’s (SLI disabled) with 16gb and UE4 runs like a dream (through each iteration of the engine, too). Windows 7

SLI isn’t supported, so it’s only running off one GTX 760

I’ve used it though on a GTX 560, GTX 660, and GTX 770 and it works great.

I said SLI was disabled. I run 6 monitors. :slight_smile:

tho this does not mean that the games developed will require the same requirements right , we can easily downgrade the visuals to our needs to make it run on a range of hardware

There’s ways to lower the graphics, but you should probably test on a system that you want to be the lowest requirement so that you can plan for that.