A Few Editor Improvements and Bugs

  1. Improve the grouping of items in the Scene Outliner
    Currently you can group items together which is useful to create “Selection Sets” similar to Maya. Unfortunately the Scene outliner still looks cluttered.
    I would love to see the ability to create an empty “Group” that you could parent items into and then collapse it. That would help keep the scene outliner organized.
    If it was an actual object then you could use it to rotate the child objects etc. ( Unity has an empty game object which is extremely useful )

The current implementation of Grouping is still very useful to group random objects together without changing their location in the scene viewer so I wouldn’t want to change that.

  1. Toggle the visibility of a parent object in the Scene Outliner doesn’t toggle the visibility of the children. ( not sure if this is a bug or as designed )

  2. Small Bug with Settings and Perforce
    If any of the settings are checked out of perforce and changed, when you go to Submit Files they don’t appear in the list of files to check in.

Please correct me know if there are solutions / workarounds.

Love the engine and am having a blast using it so far!

I agree, at first glance, I thought that the grouping of items in the outliner, would have a similar behavior to that of Unity. where to move a parent object, also would move the child objects. That’s what I thought.
It would be very useful, eg attach a camera as a child of “Character” object, and so when the character moved, the camera also would move the following.

Also liked that idea, clicking to hide the parent object also hide its child objects.

I’ve posted a couple of these and a few others last week, and added them to the AnswerHub as well. This is a good approach as AnswerHub bugs and requests do actually get read and flagged for review, while here we get to discuss the ideas in more detail.

That earlier post:

Good job on the post. I read it and those were all good suggestions.
I should have looked around a bit more before posting…

‘Attachment’ should work the way you describe. You can attach objects in the Scene Outliner by drag and dropping on onto the other.