A few easy questions(for the pros)

Hi, new to UE4 but used to design maps for CS a while back. So, i am a little familiar to certain things but need help with others.

  1. I want to know the desired map size that wouldn’t impact performance, IE what size is ARK’s Theisland? i cannot find that data even when opening it up in the editor.

  2. Is there a way to make the mountain meshes solid, as to be walked upon? i managed to achieve this with small crate meshes but not the mountain ones.

  3. All custom maps on here so far are designed around being an island. Is there a reason behind this? could i make a map surrounded by impassable mountains instead?


excited to get started

Im no pro by any means but theisland is 127x127 and no theres no reason for the design, people just make maps they want to make :). The map im working on isnt an island.

  1. Ark’s map size which is pretty close to the limit in terms of performance is the following from my research;

Landscape 36km²
Ocean 12km²
Caves, Mountains 50%(18km²) more

Kimmykix’s Apako is a good example of a much bigger map that works fine, but just know there IS limits.

  1. Make sure your collisions are set to the correct setting on the mountain meshes you added.

  2. Yes you can make a map surrounded by massive mountains, people just like the concept of islands in terms of survival games I think :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem :smiley:

Thanks for the replies guys. Still a bit fuzzy on the dimensions. When i create a landscape to start a map, by default it is 63x63 (sub) and then 8x8 (main) is this default the Island size?
Also to Sinarisinestro: i tried most collision types and i either just walk through the mountain or it creates an invisable, impassable block around the mesh.

Hmm, well I wish I knew what the correct one was. Let me PM Kimmy on steam and see if she can answer the question for you.

Update- Kimmy: "well any ground meshes he will want to set as “ground”. This is the best I can do to help clarify about the collisions. I haven’t messed with map modding yet besides adding new foliage.

I tried ground first, i just walked through the mesh. It appears none of the collision types work, but thank you for taking the time to enquire.

Not sure why that would be, but Kimmy insists it works for her…weird.