A few bugs with the BP->C++ converter

So here’s a thread about a few bugs I experienced using the BP->C++ converter (checking “Nativize Blueprint Assets” in packaging options).

  1. DataTables don’t work. They just don’t work. You can’t get any data out of a Data Table. Just place the “Get Data Table Row” node and try to get the data for one row. The packaging does not fail though, it just won’t work in the packaged game.
  2. Function libraries don’t work. If you call a function from a blueprint function library in one of your BPs, the packaging will fail.
  3. Converting Enums to String does not work. If you convert the enum value “MyValue” to a String with BP->C++ converter enabled, you get something like “NewEnumerator2”.
  4. The “Get GameMode” node also does not seem to work. Packaging fails if you have that node in a BP.

I have tested 1,2,3 in both 4.11P5 and the master branch from a few days ago. I have only tested 4. in 4.11, not in the master branch.


I was able to reproduce 2 out of the 4 issues on our end. I have written up reports (see below) and I have submitted them to the developers for further consideration. I will provide updates with any pertinent information as it becomes available. As for the other two I was prevented from fully testing the first issue by a crash (that I have reported see below). As for the last issue, I was not able to reproduce this on my end. The project packaged as expected. Thank you for your time and information.

Note: If you would like to pursue the last issue further please create a new thread and provide a link here in a reply for tracking purposes.

  1. Prevented by crash UE-27739
  2. UE-27737 - Function library fail to build
  3. UE-27735 - Enums in correct value
  4. Unable to reproduce

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Thanks very much Rudy!

  1. I still see “The question is waiting approval by a moderator”. Could you tell me why?
  2. Could you tell me where you got that crash? I did not experience crashes when trying to use DataTables, though I have tested that with 4.11P5 and you probably tested it with 4.11P6 where new crashes could have been introduced.

I don’t know why you question was still waiting for approval. As for the crash, I did test this in 4.11 p6 as well as main. Feel free to look over the steps below and let me know if you can reproduce the first issue that you mentioned without hitting the crash.

My steps for the crash:

  1. Open the Editor
  2. Create a new structure
  3. Add one member
  4. Save
  5. Create a data table that uses the struct made above
  6. Create a new row
  7. Save
  8. Open the level blueprint
  9. Create the blueprint in the attached image
  10. Set Nativize blueprint asset to true in project settings
  11. Save all
  12. Package project for windows 64 bit
  13. Open packaged project
  14. Packaged game crashes

Ok, thanks for the steps, I don’t think I have done anything differently. Maybe fixing the crash automatically fixes the bug I see with Data Tables. Is there any feedback from the devs already regarding the bugs you entered? I just would like to know how in general these bugs with the converter are handled, if they will just be backlogged for a later time or if they get worked on quite soon. Thanks!

I went ahead and double checked on these issues for you and they are still under investigation and so they have not had any updates as of yet.