A few basic terrain questions.

Hi, I am just starting up with UE4, and I need some help with some of the terrain stuff.

I just want a quick answer, please don’t link me to another tutorial on how to do it.

  1. How do I rescale the terrain?
  2. How do I make trees blow in the wind?

I already have a wind zone in my terrain, but how would I make trees blow in the wind? Using a speedtree model and a normal tree model. (.3ds file or something).

Thanks! I already love UE4.

You can rescale terrain by selecting it and modifying the scale in its properties. Though from what I remember this may be buggy.

I tried that. It didn’t work.

They may have disabled it then, the last time I did it was an earlier version of the engine.

How do you scale your terrain?

  1. click on the terrain and just scale it with the transform tool -> not the best way. Or go into the manage tab and add/remove components :slight_smile:
  2. Take a look at this tutorial: Also make sure to check out my foilage pack: (it includes basics trees with a material which will let your tree sway in the wind).

Sweet! Thanks!