A few 4.4 bugs I've encountered

Heya, just a quick rundown of a few small glitches I’ve run into using 4.4. I’m not sure which of these is new and which ones just emerged:

-The details panel in blueprints sometimes spazzes out when selecting variables. It either shows nothing or normal actor position / rotation / scale settings. Re-selecting, or in the worst case scenario, re-opening the blueprint editor fixes it.
-When selecting the character (first person) during play mode it is impossible to select / move the camera preview, as the moment I click on it the games takes back mouse focus.
-Set Intensity is still Set Brightness
-(Big one) Say I have two floats, A and B. A is public and can be edited from the inspector. B isn’t public, and is initialized via the Begin Play event. Both are located in my character BP. I play the game, everything works great… until I change variable A from the details panel during runtime. The moment I do that, B resets back to 0, ******** up the entire BP.

This sums it up for now, keep up the good work!

Best regards,
Damir H.

Please post this on AnswerHub so developers can address these issues.

For clarification,

Please make a separate bug report on the AnswerHub for each issue you report. This will help us to assign and track individually.


Will do! Mandatorytencharacters