a feature level 5 video card is required to run the editor

Man como resolvo isso? POR FAVOR

Do you meet the minimum specs?

i was using an RTX2060 and a ryzen 7 2700x - i think that it was due some “opengl” settings that i cannot know how to revert …

Pol favor :), UE4 is very very heavy in editor on video cards. I have said this long time ago and I always compare software to other similar software, Unity runs twice as fast as UE4 in Editor, In all our cases and on multiple machines with latest drivers UE4 suffers and suffers even more on dual monitors, soonest you have Material editor or a live BP running on the second monitor the editor tanks further.

Yes I’ve been told update drivers or something is wrong with the setup blabla. It is a fact guys the software is slow and a bloated mess. It comes in with more features turned on by default than anyone would want to use them for and it just keeps getting more bloated with every update. Not to mention the huge icons everywhere.

hi, this was 1 year ago, and i know you need a strong pc to run the new unreal versions, thanks a lot for your cooperation!

yet my windows 7 dual core with 16 gb ram and a gt 620 runs it fine i get long shader times yes but it works it will stall your pc for a while just go paint the living room , stack 60000 bricks or something till its done…then and ill say the pc next tome is only 2gb and is win ten and yet RUNS fine except it does 50% less shader workers and i cant fix that ive tried editing the files to add more or such it wont do it…
but now i have no lag its like the 6 core 6 thread pc it only sees 2 threads for shader workers some reason but they are as fast as 3 on older pc…