A feature level 5 video card is required to run the editor!

I have installed Unreal on my 2017 macbook pro and have been running it without any problems for a month. I also use parallels Windows on my mac for windows based programs and wanted to try the 4.19 unreal studio on my windows side so I downloaded it. However when I try and open it I get the error message that “A feature level 5 video card is required to run the editor…” How can it run smoothly on the mac side and not be able to open on the windows side? Any solutions?

I believe that is necessary now for 4.19

basically DX 10 cards are too damned old. it came out in 2006. so they axed support for them. mac uses a different API, so it still works.

I wanted the windows version for datasmith and the potential to package in Windows (from what I understand mac can only package content for ios) so if I went to 4.18 would it work or am I stuck?

so is there no way to make unreal 4.19 run on my macbookpro in parallels?

How old is your macbook? Or even better, what are its specs?

My Mac Book Pro is the latest and greatest…3.1 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, Radeon Pro 560 4 GB Intel HD Graphics. I also have an RX580 connected via a breakout box for VR. The funny thing is that UE works on the mac side but then on the windows side I get this wierd message! Any help really appreciated…

The issue is you’re trying to run it in Parallels which is emulation which doesn’t run 3D software very well. If you want to use it in Windows you’ll need to install it in Bootcamp.

From what I read parallels does not support directx11 so does this mean that no one runs ue4 from within parallels? Can I install bootcamp on top of parallels?

ahh damn i forgot about this thread. sorry, i neglected to read your op properly, didn’t see that you had a 2017 mac. as darth mentioned, it is more than likely that parallels is not emulating dx11 stuff properly so UE4 cannot see your video cards properly. installing windows via boot camp will more than likely fix your problems as it is a native environment vs emulated.

Reading the forums it seems possible to install bootcamp as well as have parallels running…My question is can you package an unreal project from bootcamp for windows? My main goal would be to have the ability to package a project for windows whilst editing on my macbook pro? Does anyone know?

You should be able to package for Windows without issue.

Do you have windows installed on a partition on your hard drive? Or is it simply installed within parallels? I have run into your issue just now but may have a solution.

Bootcamp is simply installing Windows on a separate partition, allowing you to boot into Mac OSX or Windows, so it’s exactly like having a Windows PC. The only downside is that you have to restart the computer to switch back to Mac OSX if you need to do something there.

I understand - I’ve been using bootcamp a few years now, but only this week updated it to win 10 and installed UE Studio and had the same issue when using parallels.

If you restart your mac and hold down the option button whilst bootup, you can then select the windows partition to boot into. As explained earlier in the thread - you will now be booting into the native windows environment, not a virtual machine, which means your computer utilises the physical graphics card, not the VM one created by parallels.
Try running UE 4.19 now, and it should run fine. I have just tried this and it worked for me and I have exactly the same setup as you.

Thanks…I have tried bootcamp but presently having some issues with the installation as it always tells me that it cant find disk and partition after reboot…I have contacted Apple but their solutions dont seem to work for me presently…will try again this week

hello, if i remember well, when i used bootcamp to run windows on my imac i remember that i made a partition on the disk to let bootcamp install the windows os.

here is a tutorial with all the steps you will need to run windows on your mac, hope it works for you.

Are you trying to install windows 10 through the bootcamp installer on High Sierra? Ive just had an absolute pain doing that, my mac wouldnt install windows on the partition it created as it didnt format it correctly. I found a workaround - let me know if this is what your issue is.

Sooooo, I have an iMac pro running Windows 10. It has a Radeon Pro Vega 64 with 16GB of Video memory. That’s not enough? I get it’s not Nvidia, trust me that would be my choice, but Jony Ive is a **** designer so I’m stuck with Radeon… Sorry I threw up in my own mouth a little bit. But seriously, it’s still not good enough. Is there a list somewhere? I just tried to launch 4.21 Datasmith on my surface, and it works, but not on the iMac pro. Argh!!! I did take 15 minutes to launch, but it did.

thanks EGS for supporting DX 9.