A Feature Level 5 video card is required to run the editor.. WTF? I have videocard, please help me

Hello guys!
I have NVidia Quadro FX5800 videocard (i use gaming and live streaming and video rendering/modeling)… Sorry my English little bad… But this my problem how when i try start Unreal Engine 4 then i get this problem… Please help me, how to need fix this problem?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hello Friend,
same issue here. I just downloaded the Epic Games Downloader and installed UE5 early… I am running Windows 10 64bit, 16Gb Gskill DDR3 Ripjaws 2133MHz on a Asus Motherboard and GPU is your same NVidia Quadro FX5800 but even after having installed all the updates (Windows10, DirectX and Nvidia drivers) issue is still the message: A D3D11-compatible GPU (Feature Level 11.0, Shader Model 5.0) is required to run the engine.

I would like to know, if the FX5800 is not compatible, what’s the best purchase I could do with a I73770 and the configuration I stated so far.

Thank you

To the best of my knowledge Quadro FX5800 supports shader model 5. But it’s DirectX feature level is only 10_0. You will need feature level 11_0 to work with UE

Geforce Kepler series and later should be compatible.

Here is a link to refer the feature level requirements:

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