A fantasy game through blueprint scripts?

Extra points if it includes armor equipping, for completeness – any basic examples for learning?

I’m not sure if this is a Troll question.

Have you done the tutorials in the documentation section? There is a Learn tab above.

It’s just asking for some basic movement and a gear equipment system. I recall experiencing the tutorials, that they were pretty limited, but this wasn’t recently.

Bruh it’s best if you learn about the ue4 from documentation and the ue4 manual and, do some tutorials in order for you to get a good enough knowledge of the tool and what you can or can not do with it.

Don’t assume people are trolls, there are still alot of new developers who just got on the UE4 band wagon. :smiley:
You’ll see this question alot!

There are many tutorials and learning videos and reading to help you understand how to create these aspects.
However, you need to learn about game design independent of a game engine.