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**Hello world!
My name is Yamikani i’m currently developing a Game called ; The Incredible True Story : A quest for paradise .
I’m still a beginner with unreal and game developing as a whole ,and because of this i have had many ideas on what my first self made game should be about after constant restarts i came up with a solution **The Incredible True Story[/Based of American rapper Logic’s second Album with the same title and concept. My modeling skills are relatively horrible and as an artist its sad, but i have come up with concept art for characters as well as creatures and have not been able to make any proper 3d models this post is me requesting anyone that would like to help me with the development of this game i’m also still in highschool and only graduating this year so i do not have money for pay but all acknowledgment for props that are made will go to the person that made them.

**Plot **
The plot of the game (majority taken from the album )

humanity destroyed earth in the year 2023 and since then have been living on a space station called babel with the last hundreds of humans remaining al looking for a planet called paradise that should be an earth like heaven for humans , following two men
Quentin Thomas and William Kai on the space ship (oldy)named Aquarius III with the ship’s AI assistant Thalia (who will be used as the main character in the game )
the game will pick up after the end of the album as they discover paradise and now have to see if it is really habitable by man. thalia will be used as she isn’t human and can go through harsher conditions.

This is the design released on the (Third album : everybody ) that i’m using for the main character Thali’s design


Kai (Front Left) and Thomas (Front Right)


Alien’s on paradise My concept art (still in development) :

How humans dress in this in game time period (from the album everybody art):


So if anyone would like to help me out on the models or even environments i would be greatfull

contact me here on my email address :yamikani38@gmail.com for anymore info
For mor information on the musician Logic and the album : The Incredible True Story - Wikipedia

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Your project looks great, but I don’t see how you could build a team for an ambitious project like this without paying royalties or anything…
A less ambitious project or a game jam project would work as unpaid, but…this?
You should make this a royalties project, and if you do, I am a blueprints programmer and I would be interested in your proposal. Check out my portfolio:
Have a great day,


Thank you for replying I do want to work with you and I plan on paying people if the project sells what : royalties project :slight_smile: I’m still new at this

Thanks :wink:
You can contact me on Discord or on Skype .
I’m a BP Programmer.



What is your discord tags?

What is your discord tag?