A facial rigging tool

hi everyone, check this out

not yet released but it just look amazing

It sure does look amazing. Best looking face rig I have seen.

WOW! Awesome face rig. Kinda creepy how realistic the expressions felt.

Amazing tool!!!

actually i just figuered out how it works a little you need your base mesh into maya and make a lot of other meshes for some facial poses (i prefer making them in zbrush ) and for everyone make a different texture for everyone they export all your meshes into maya select all of them and lastely select your base mesh and (annimation-> deformers->blendshapes) then you can make some facial rigs like that and if you really want the same tool you need some programming skill to append each blendshape for a certain topology in an image … and that’s it

or i think you can make texture for wrinkles (a whole wrinkeled face ^^) and then blend them into your annimation but not sure

if you are thinking how create blendshapes, I used this tutorial easy and work for bones and blendshapes.

The wrinkles are done with a texture map–you sculpt your face in extreme positions and create the wrinkles so you can render new normal/displacement maps. The rigging tool there allows you to connect those maps to poses so that as you animate it will automatically blend the texture maps so you get those fine details.

i think i’m going to take a look at it even if the quality looks susks^^

yes your explanation looks pretty good , in fact verry good^^ when i tried whith different meshes i didn’t have such a beautiful detail but for the textures do you know a way to attach them to poses??

In 3ds Max there’s a way to add materials for morph targets, I’m not sure how it would be setup in UE4. I think I remember seeing a thread on the UDK forums a while ago where someone explained how to do it. There’s several games using that effect, like The Last of Us both for characters and clothing.

Wow, this is very impressive! =O

The facial rig tool from Snapper looks stunning, but they wont even reply to any email regarding release date and cost.
Anyway yes, the wrinkle maps are triggered inside Maya using a neat trick ( and DX11 which works great )

Right now I’m using Softimage Facerobot which does the job, and I developed a custom Blueprint which allows me to have dynamic normal maps, I’m currently working on a tech demo to show what can be achieved with it, but so far the tech isn’t that complicated and works pretty good.
I was able to integrate my Facerobot rig with a custom or standard body rig and export it into UDK/UE4

Check the video on my signature :wink:

Edit @ darthviper: You can assign a material directly to the morph target, but as far as I experimented they’re triggered by matinee, not automatically