A Euro-Centric Medieval Fantasy Animated Series

I already have a small team, but for a project like this one, I will need a few willing helping hands. The project name (at least for now) is Aquilan Dreams, it is a Medieval set Fantasy Animated Series. Though a game may soon come out of it as well.

Well this is a project I’m hoping will appeal to Europeans. This is a project that is very inspired by European Mythology and History. Also with such a Euro focus on the project, I figured it would make sense if Europeans were working on it also. (being European is not a requirement).

The project is largely inspired by many events from European history, From the Fall of Rome, To the Crusades, To the Defeat of the Ottomans. With semi realistic art styles, Similar to that of Tekken 5 cut scenes.
This project is for now, a labor of love, and is therefore unpaid, however this could change in the future if all goes well.

We have currently finished setting up all the fantasy cultures and world rules for this project, and production is not too far away. However as I learn more about European history, The story at the moment is being rewritten to incorporated this new information, and leave us with a more full and informed story.

There is much to know about the project, which you can speak to me directly and ask all the questions you want, I will even give you a detailed description of what the project is and where we are in development so far.
However before I get you into our projects discord, I will need a small interview.

The Talents required:

Concept Artists: This is one of the talents we are lacking in. We will need concepts on Characters, Locations, Weapons, Vehicles, Even certain Props.

3D Artists: Of course, we require 3D artists, We already have 9 artists on board including myself, however more artists would lessen the work load. Artists would be responsible for modelling Characters, Props, Vehicles, Scenery. (One or more of those would be just fine).

Animators: Being an animated series, would go to suggest we require animators, unfortunately we have a serious shortage of animators, we would prefer animators that have mocap handy, even the messy Kinect Mocap will do, However this is not a requirement.

Voice Actors: If you got a voice, and you know how to use it, and you would like to voice act. You would be a fine sight for sore eyes. We are suffering a shortage of female voice actors, so we can really use some of those.

Musicians: The music we are going for is sort of an epic (hate that word) medieval battle with some metal thrown in, to peaceful medieval towns. That the best description i can give for now.

If you like fantasy Medieval sets, with great story and well researched events and cultures.
I’m sure you will love working on this project. Now this project’s tip top priority is to be as entertaining as possible. Something everyone can enjoy, however, there is thematic commentary. If you want to know more about that, or anything else regarding the project.
You can contact me via;

Email: [EMAIL=“”] (please leave alternative contact details as my email account is acting up and cannot send messages).

Or better idea.

My discord: SciFiAutist#7282

Twitter: @aquila_den

Or message me here.

Also, you dont have to be an expert, we are not gunning for AAA quality, Im quite happy for even students to take advantage of the learning opportunities this project has to offer.

Thats all out of me for now. Thanks a lot.

Hey, sent you a PM. I am interested on this project. Medieval sounds like a cool idea.