A Dungeon Crawler Puzzler Prototype for University, WIP

Hi all!
I’m a student currently in my masters year at university. I’ve been working on a dungeon crawler/puzzle prototype for my course and I’d love to see what you guys think.
Even though I’m studying games design, I’ve only really been using Unity and UE3 up until last year, so I’m very new to using blueprints.

Here is my December update video! Before facing the boss, the player must complete 4 separate puzzle rooms. The idea is, that the player defeats the boss by using skills that they have learnt by beating the rooms. At the moment, I’ve got the mechanics and a block out completed. Seeing as this isn’t going to be commercial, I’ve used assets from a variety of sources, including the Infinity Blade asset packs.


I know it’s not as advanced as most of the projects you guys are working on, but it’s a start :smiley:

Pretty cool.