A diffrent type of grass?

I’m looking at a few things, I guess the back story is I want to crate dome depth in my grass texture, frankly I’m bored with computer game grass, it just looks bland (except for the grass in some Games) , I crated a scene using grass but it ended up looking same same, as just like the next guy. I have looked at a few other things such as other static meshes that I want to have in the game Rocks/Clifffaces/Plants they will be fairly high in poly and material, I have tried a number of thing with the other static mashers but they never look as good as the higher poly, so the fist thing to go was the grass, now I am thinking about grass, I whole project will be minimal looking I guess but detailed in other ways

basically I am looking of some ideas on how to give the grass texture depth and some height or any I ideas I can look into, tessellations doesn’t give me the detail I want, maybe I am wasting my time and looking at the grass static mesh in a different way. the view for the player will be from up high a bit like the picture, don’t mind the tiling as that will be fixed once i bring it into the rest of the material, I really want to nail this grass as it sets the tone for the rest of the game so i am going to spend a fair amount of time getting it right

Have you tried using the foliage tool?
There is probably a video about creating good looking grass with the foliage tool.


I think he is looking to get enough detail and depth out of the textures to justify not needing grass meshes.

Back to the question, you could try parallax/bump mapping, also will you really need high poly/hero pieces if your camera is going to be so far away from them at all times?
Also, the light source angle could be hiding a lot of the depth due to lack of shadowing

I can’t think of a single game or demo I’ve seen where the textures alone looked good enough or remotely comparable to having grass meshes/alphas.

By creating a high quality texture you can easily achieve what you want. It takes more hard work than some fancy shading tricks.

Check this out: Texture Breakdown - Forest Ground

thanks for the reply’s
DP Studio @ I have looked at that question on why I like the higher poly there is a few of reasons, because of the view there still will be parts of the meshes that are closes to the screen/camera and I really want them to look good. I found the higher poly meshes more robust in there uses when adding another functions like painting moss,cracks or whatever. it just looked the best, I know there lots of other ways of getting the detail into the mesh like baking and such but then I have to spend more time crating maps to get the level of detail in painting and blends on the rocks, buildings and so on, making endless Maps and more complex martials, but ultimately I think they look the best, and I found if the detail is not there even from a distance that’s when it starts looking band, then I have to add more assists to make it look good and hide the blandness, so I am going for a less is more look, but yes your 100% not every thing needs to be high poly and not every thing will be. there will be LOD and I might look into braking the meshes up into hi poly parts and low poly parts then adding the together inside UE4 or trying to make a Mix Mash of High poly and Low ploy in the one Mesh if it becomes a issue, but I am going for a wait and see approach. also add I’m not the most skilled assets creator but I don’t really have a problem crating the higher poly assets and textures to go with them its more crating low poly assets that look good is, and budget is also a thing I have to look at, substance printer / designer is about $150 for one, I will probably buy one, don’t know witch one from what I can tell you need the 2 to crate good looking low poly assets, all the other programs are just way to expensive or have monthly charges. And then I need to learn how to uses them, add that to the fact that I am still luring UE4 and I have to uses the frustrating blender because Maya is just way to expensive. It just add up to a bridge way to far.

ZacD@ that’s the point I just found when I was making my test levels they are bland, boring and really sub par, basically I was cratering a new rubbish steam game that I would never buy or even look at, one of the reasons why I have gone away from the “long grass” setting, it is getting boring to look at, nothing new. Probably sounds like a rubbish reasons to people but it is what it is.

Maximum-Dev @ Thanks that type of stuff is like gold to me, a simple luring rescores I am going to try this out

Maybe you could try fur shader like system. Shells and fins is oldschool technique but it looks really nice with TXAA.


Or something compleatly different screenspace grass. Screen-Space Grass - GPU Pro: Advanced Rendering Techniques - page 221

hay thanks Kalle-H I will checks this out as well, also the Neoglypic system is very impassive that is for shore, it looks amazing