A custom Physical Material created - how to use it?


I’ve created my custom Physical Material, and I cannot use it in a normal material. How should I use my Physical Material blueprint in game instead of default Physical Materials?

You can either choose the physical material in the material graph. or you can override a physical material for the mesh in the mesh component Details.
You can also set the physical material override for the mesh via code or blueprints.

Thank you your reply, but I cannot assign my custom physical material blueprint, only the physical material assets I can create from the Unreal menu. My custom physical material blueprint is not visible to choose. It is impossible to do that.

What is a physical material blueprint? You can create and use physical material assets, but there’s no such thing as a physical material blueprint. Can you elaborate?

I wished to add my custom property to a Physical Material, so I made a custom C++ Physical Material derived from the Physical Material class, and then a blueprint based on my custom C++ class.

This is not an asset, but a typical blueprint. I think I need to make an asset for my blueprint. And this asset will be available for the material graph or in the mesh component Details.

Success! Now, I can create my own custom Physical Material that I can use in the Unreal Editor. I just used the the link:

Creating Custom Editor Assets

and all works like a charm.

You don’t need to do any of this - you just create a physical material and the class picker dialog will come up and show your custom class.

A Blueprint is a class remember - not an object.

Yes, you are right. I have noticed that a few hours ago. So we have two ways to do that. This way with the class picker is better, but it is good to know how to create custom assets in UE5.

Thanks a lot!