A Crooked Heart 2d animated game

I hope this is an appropriate to post,

A Crooked Heart is still in the early production phase as I finish up animations for the demo. I’m responsible for everything except programming and music.
We’ll be using UE4 Paper 2d.

The backgrounds, props and vehicles are all drawn in Photoshop. The characters and FX were animated by hand using TvPaint, a traditional animation program.

The Art of A Crooked Heart is a collection of work created for the game “A Crooked Heart” staring Lulu, a Pembroke Welsh corgi as our heroine.

To sum it up in an elevator pitch:

      Deep in our hearts lies an evil, wicked darkness that claws at our hope, heart and love dragging them deep into a pit of madness. 

      Lulu’s journey will take her into the abyss, that’ll break her soul and attempt to stop a quest to save her love and liberate the people of Arotha from the tyrant Saevus and his army of sociopathic soldiers called the M88. 

At six months old, Lulu blew both her Anterior Cruciate ligaments (ACL) and to deal with the pain and rehab I made her a cyborg. She now has adamantium laced back legs and little Nerf rocket launchers hidden in her butt in case her sisters start bugging too much.

And now, she’s our heroine in A Crooked Heart, forced to embark upon a perilous journey of love, sacrifice and redemption.

The animations look awesome, the squid monster especially!! :slight_smile:

Thank you.