A couple possible usability tweaks for blueprint

Had a couple usability tweaks for the Blueprint editor.

There’s a number of occasions where you change your mind about which node to use. Typically this involves hunting down and reconnecting lines, but in many cases, such as for math operator nodes and the like, there’s 1:1 compatibility with the inputs so simply being able to use the right click menu to bring up the node context menu and replace the node in place makes the most sense.

In cases where the inputs/type is not compatible, this still removes the step of needing to delete the old node. In the case of connection incompatibility when the user selects a new node, the old would be deleted and the new would be placed at the same location, but unconnected. If the user exits the menu without choosing a node, no changes are made.


It would also be a big time saver to be able to drag-insert nodes on exec lines between two other nodes. Normally, inserting a node between two other nodes requires at least three operations: breaking the exec line, connecting it to the new node, and then connecting the new node to the next node in line. In addition, it is typical that the exec line reaches beyond the scope of what can be seen on one screen so panning may also be required a few times.

Drag-insert for exec nodes reduces that down to one user operation and eliminates a couple common errors that can easily be introduced doing it the current way (Failing to remove the first exec line when adding the new node, and reconnecting the node incorrectly).

In cases with multiple exec outputs, the first output would have preference.


I really like the first idea but I can see problems with the second one, like accidental connections when dragging over nodes but if it is done correctly (for example you have to hold ctrl down) then I don’t see why not, it would be very convenient.

Agreed - it would have to be really clear visually what is about to happen if you release a node on top of the connection line. Modifier key is definitely one way this could be handled for sure.

Simple solution to the problem with #2 - Shift or Ctrl + Drag? :wink:

Thanks for the suggestions!

The first one is certainly doable, and we’ve had it on our backlog for a while.

The second might be a little trickier, but perhaps when you do Ctrl + Drag to move an exec pin, and connect it to another node, we can give you the option to pop the node in line.

Déjà vu :stuck_out_tongue:

I would use a replace node quite a lot.