A couple of smaller suggestions

Hiya all!

I have two smaller pieces of feedback, simple quality-of life changes. These are subjective to me because I work in a certain way, so let me know what you think:

  • When Materials are not saved before closing a project, add a [yes to all] function for batch saving everything. Now I have to click [yes] 50 times every time I binge UE4.
  • When in Blueprints, adding a math node from a Float value, make the first node math with another Float, not with Vector. Say I have a random Float between 1 and 20. I drag from that, type “+” and smash Enter. It adds a Float + Vector node. When doing this with an integer it simply adds an Int+Int node, but not with Float. Float loves Vector for some reason.
  • Why do gates start closed from default? 99% of the times that I use a gate I need it to be opened from the start. Many cries have been uttered by me forgetting to uncheck it after adding.
  • Please add a Delay with Break? I made one myself, but i’d love to see something like that in BP’s standard.

Hope you appreciate the feedback.

Happy Easter!


I may be misunderstanding due to being very tired and having a headache but couldn’t you just go to “File>Save all” and then close the editor, it saves any and all unsaved assets.

also when you try to close the editor with unsaved assets you get a pop-up saying you have unsaved assets and you can select what you want to save or not and just click “save selected” on the pop-up.

they always appreciate feedback :slight_smile:

No problem there! I meant the question about unsaved materials. Even after doing “save all”, if I didn’t press Apply + Save on each separate material I changed, I will get a unique message per material pop up that asks “Would you like to apply changes to this material to the original material?” After that it shows me a list of assets to save.