A couple of questions from a beginner...

Hey, I’ve been confused about this for a while now…

  1. What should I extend/use to implement a Stats class (strength, stamina etc)?
  2. If I create my own PlayerController class, do I have to extend a Blueprint from it in order to be able to spawn it?
  3. Why does autocomplete take 10 seconds to finally kick in in Visual Studio 2013? Is this a C++ thing or a UE4 thing?

I hope my questions make some sense and I’m not just over thinking things.

1 - I would use a FStruct and put the floats/ints inside.
2 - The engine spawns a PlayerController marked as default on editor settings by itself.
3 - There are some answer about this somewhere, I think that is because of both, but some people (search) was also using a plugin to speed intelisense.

What if we look at #2 in a different perspective? Like a portal or something?
If I write the behavior for the portal in C++ would I be required to create a Blueprint of it to be able to spawn it?

EDIT: In the “Choose Parent Class” dialog I can only seem to be able to find a “UserDefinedStruct” is this what I’m looking for?

“BUT” get a Blueprint from it could help a lot to design the visual elements (Components) used on it (Sprite, Mesh, Particles, Mess with positions of each on a WYSIWYG way).