A couple of newbie Questions

Hi Guys,
As someone new to this, I have been watching various tutoriual videos and read a bunch of threads online, but allot of the content deals with creating custom maps and very little deals with creating objects or editing objects.
From what I have read allot of customization functions that you would use to modify objects arent available to be modified in the dev kit.So I am just wondering before I dive too much into this besides custom maps what sorts of things are available to be edited. Honestly after playing the game, things that I would like to try and play around with is dealing with those pesky water pipes and electrical cables, weather you have to create various sizes of those or what ever. (surprised no has done a mod for that) Some of the other idea me and my friends were tossing around, is changing the elevator platform to include snap points so that you can place manned turrets and rocket launchers, plant X crop plots on them, as well as auto turrets. Idea being you could use on the top of a base for an addition defenses or on the boat to conceal it when you pull up to an area only to raise it up and start unleashing a barrage on a un suspected target. Also with that in minf being able to rotate dino & Behemoth gates to horizontal would be cool, or create new horizontal gates like large animal hatches, that can be opened or closed to conceal turrets an Arial entrance to your bird hanger ect. or even used in conjunction with the elevator, as in by a code from the keypad the elevator goes up at the same time as the doors on the ceiling open. The same would also be true the other way, with a bird land on the elevator on the ceiling of the base and have the elevator lower to the bird hanger as the doors close above you. Maybe even some water craft items. Stuff like that could be really usefull to the game. I just dont know if these things are even possibly with the current dev kit, and don`t want to get too far in to find out there not. Was hoping I could just start with editing a few things first to get started and go from there.
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated,